Friday, February 27, 2009

Dust You Are…

We had a fairly uneventful day.  We had a family dentist appointment in the morning-all are fine with no cavities! The kids were in love with the dentist office because it had a ginormous playroom for them to play in while we waited to get in. Jake must have been really impacted by the whole experience because he keeps sneaking into the bathroom to brush his teeth. 



Showing off the pearly whites. Apparently we don’t have to worry about the dead tooth or the chipped one. RELIEF!

004After we got home we all got ready for the service and headed over there for some tasty soups and desserts and then the service.  I have always liked the service on Ash Wednesday.  Lily was ecstatic to receive the ashes on her forehead and decided that since she was old enough for that she HAD to be old enough to take communion.  Sadly, she thought wrong and was very disappointed when her daddy passed her by with “nothing but a prayer”. Someday honey…

009 013

Jake fell asleep during church so I didn’t torture him with the camera. :) And so Lent begins.  I don’t ever really give anything up for Lent so there isn’t really anything to report on that front.  I am more in the “just try to add more devotion and prayer into my day” camp. I find that the few times I have gone the abstaining route I don’t end up sticking with it the entire 6 weeks so better to avoid the guilt and stick to the point of Lent.

To finish off the evening, Hannah enjoyed a little…

018 A girl after my own heart! DELICIOUS!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 Months!

Somehow I totally forgot to post the 5 month update for Hannah.  I must have been all flustered by Valentines Day. :)

001 I know that I have used this picture in another post but it was taken the day she turned 5 months….so, there you have it.  She is SO FUN! Food is the biggest thing going on in her little life right now.  She is a total chow hound! We had been doing the plain cereal thing for a little while so we figured that it was about time to jazz it up a little.  Green beans were NOT the favorite and squash seems to be a shade better.  Peas were not fabulous either.  I have the sinking feeling that she is going to really LOVE the fruits. :)

She is still rolling.  Sitting is something that she loves but doesn’t quite have enough control yet.  She would spend the day sitting or standing if she could. She loves to laugh at anything that she finds even mildly amusing.  This of course causes many fun evenings since the older kids love nothing more than acting like wild indians.  They love to run around her and hear the peals of laughter emanating from her tiny little body. 

We took her into the doctor for a well check and she is about 13 lbs! Getting bigger and bigger every day! Check back soon for the next update.  Since this one is going up so late the next will be just around the corner.

More to come later…..

Exploration Station-Remix

This past weekend we were very fortunate to have Ruthie, Josh and my mom come out to spend a few days with us.  We had a wonderful time hanging out, talking, and running around to different places.

054016  066 020









We had a great time playing at the Exploration Station with some new people.  It shook things up a little more.   More to come from the weekend later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Have I taught her NOTHING???


Red earrings, green dress-backwards, pink pants, and purple shoes!

What happened?????

We put a second rod in her closet so now she can reach all her own clothes and INSISTS on dressing herself. It being a home day I didn’t really mind until I saw the combo. NOT SO CUTE! When I asked her what she was thinking she told me that she wanted to wear her “favorites” but couldn’t decide! That indecision can kill ya sometimes!

Thursday, February 19, 2009



As we were coming home the other day I snapped this picture of the water tower.  Something about it just makes me smile. (Maybe the big smiley face???) There are so many things that we don’t have here.  The town is small and there are not a lot of the amenities that we have gotten accustomed to.  I have to say though, there is a certain amount of charm in a small town.  Things like this water tower.  There are barrels up and down each side of the main street that goes through town that are decorated with seasonally appropriate things…right now there are some plants with a birdhouse nestled in the middle. I love seeing them and seeing the new things that get put into them.  I have to say that it would be interesting to know how one would go about getting the job of decorating them. I love that the smaller, private businesses in this town are open for 40 hours a week. This means that things close early on Thursday so that they can be open on Saturday and closed on Sunday. Or, the little sign that says, “Open by appointment.”  Or that you can go pretty much anywhere in town and see someone that you know. At first I looked at this more as being a frustration but after a little bit of thought I realized that this is all CHARM!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6 years and counting

I forgot to post this sooner…

It has been 6 GREAT years!  We have 3 BEAUTIFUL children and a great life! Here is a quick look at the life we have built together…

 outside couple 1 007 022 011 014 013 017

Little Chiquita

We have called Hannah, Banana since birth.  She is so sweet, it rhymes, etc. etc.

Today Joe stuck this on her…




100 % Perfection! So true! What a sweetie…







JJake today.  He was kind of cranky because he hadn’t taken a nap. The cure…GRAPES!

003He and his Rocket enjoyed a little snack while Lily was at school.  Life was tragic and then wonderful.  All in the period of a few minutes. Here’s Rocket. Jake wanted to make sure that there Rocket didn’t get hungry. After which he “helped” Rocket eat all his grapes.  Gotta love the simple pleasures.

So Sweet

Just a few cute sibling pics…









Happy Valentines Day

This is a little late but I guess it is better late than never.  We didn’t really do anything that was terribly exciting but we had a good time nonetheless.  We had a fun lunch and then went to, you guessed it, Kankakee.  A little window shopping therapy, playing, and wandering in general. The kids enjoy getting out of the house and since the weather has been somewhat evil the mall is where we go to wander.






Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Be a Part of History!

This looks so interesting.  I found out about it too late.  They are done in Chicago, but there is still time for all of you on the West Coast.  Check out their route schedule!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Website

I am planning on putting up a fun post tomorrow.  Tonight I just wanted to let you all know that our spaces site is going to be closed.  If you want to keep up with the hundreds of pictures, comment or email me and I will give you the password for the new one.  Hope to talk to you later...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you Dad

car on ice

This is the lake outside of my parents house in Minnesota.  Does this look like the wisest thing to do?  I think not!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bowling Fun!

We went bowling yesterday and had a total blast.  The youth at the church wanted to do a fun event so it was decided that bowling was the way to go.  I went back and forth on whether or not to take the kids but decided that they would probably enjoy themselves. Plus, it was our anniversary and they are the product of the last 6 years so it seemed appropriate to spend the day together.


The children were a little tired when we got there.  It didn’t take long til they realized that it was time to have fun and got all wound up. We found out that they were actually doing cosmic bowling which made the whole endeavor even more fun.  008 005

The kids were beyond impatient to get started so we got the bumpers up and they had fun rolling the ball down the lane.  Believe it or not, Lily actually got 2 spares!  I was impressed. They only made it through about 6-7 frames before they had enough and spent the rest of the time pushing buttons on the games in the arcade.  Fortunately they are still young enough to find that fun. Can’t beat free fun in an arcade! :)


014 018








Clearly, Hannah was a little tired.  She slept through almost the entire time that we were there! Unbelievable! It was so loud and crazy I was worried that she was going to freak out.

021 023 Have you seen anything funnier than the tiny velcro bowling shoes?  I thought that they were hysterical!

036The whole group at the very end! What a fun afternoon/evening! We are going to have to do this again!

Date night!

Joe and I were so excited to get the wonderful gift of a night out on the town for our anniversary from some dear friends at the church…thank you Burtons and Lubbens. :) We dropped the kids off at the Burton home and proceeded to the BrickStone Brewery in Bourbonnais for dinner.  It was beyond tasty! So, we had a lovely dinner, complete with a lot of high school kids eating before Winter Ball.  We enjoyed people watching and recalling our high school memories of various formal events.  Enlightening dinner conversation to be sure!024

After that we jetted over to a movie theater and took in a showing of Taken.  Kind of a compromise, Joe wanted to see Gran Tourino and I was more interested in Bride Wars. :) Marriage at its best!  The movie theater must have been an old playhouse at one time because the main screen was playing Coraline…we mistakenly walked into that instead of Taken and I was totally flabbergasted by the size of the theater and the absolute beauty.  I walked into it after the movies were over and all the walls and the ceiling were beautifully painted and there was gilting on everything.  The bathrooms were down some pretty interesting stairs so I have to guess that the whole place was converted and added on to. So pretty, anyway, we had a wonderful evening out without the children!  So far we have succeeded having a “date” without children in January and February.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes. :)


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