Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 Months!

Somehow I totally forgot to post the 5 month update for Hannah.  I must have been all flustered by Valentines Day. :)

001 I know that I have used this picture in another post but it was taken the day she turned 5 months….so, there you have it.  She is SO FUN! Food is the biggest thing going on in her little life right now.  She is a total chow hound! We had been doing the plain cereal thing for a little while so we figured that it was about time to jazz it up a little.  Green beans were NOT the favorite and squash seems to be a shade better.  Peas were not fabulous either.  I have the sinking feeling that she is going to really LOVE the fruits. :)

She is still rolling.  Sitting is something that she loves but doesn’t quite have enough control yet.  She would spend the day sitting or standing if she could. She loves to laugh at anything that she finds even mildly amusing.  This of course causes many fun evenings since the older kids love nothing more than acting like wild indians.  They love to run around her and hear the peals of laughter emanating from her tiny little body. 

We took her into the doctor for a well check and she is about 13 lbs! Getting bigger and bigger every day! Check back soon for the next update.  Since this one is going up so late the next will be just around the corner.

More to come later…..


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