Monday, February 9, 2009

Bowling Fun!

We went bowling yesterday and had a total blast.  The youth at the church wanted to do a fun event so it was decided that bowling was the way to go.  I went back and forth on whether or not to take the kids but decided that they would probably enjoy themselves. Plus, it was our anniversary and they are the product of the last 6 years so it seemed appropriate to spend the day together.


The children were a little tired when we got there.  It didn’t take long til they realized that it was time to have fun and got all wound up. We found out that they were actually doing cosmic bowling which made the whole endeavor even more fun.  008 005

The kids were beyond impatient to get started so we got the bumpers up and they had fun rolling the ball down the lane.  Believe it or not, Lily actually got 2 spares!  I was impressed. They only made it through about 6-7 frames before they had enough and spent the rest of the time pushing buttons on the games in the arcade.  Fortunately they are still young enough to find that fun. Can’t beat free fun in an arcade! :)


014 018








Clearly, Hannah was a little tired.  She slept through almost the entire time that we were there! Unbelievable! It was so loud and crazy I was worried that she was going to freak out.

021 023 Have you seen anything funnier than the tiny velcro bowling shoes?  I thought that they were hysterical!

036The whole group at the very end! What a fun afternoon/evening! We are going to have to do this again!


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