Friday, February 6, 2009

Choo-choo johnny!

Fun Friday experience….Joe usually tries to get Friday off entirely or at least part of the day so we went to  Choo-Choo Johnnys in Frankfort, IL for lunch.  Kind of a hike but I had heard of the kid-friendly restaurant and I knew the kids would love it. Since we actually had to be in Kankakee that afternoon we decided to do it. 

SO MUCH FUN! The kids loved the trains and we all really enjoyed the food. There were trains all over the place.  There was one that went all around the room, one that delivered the food to you at the counter and then an entire town with countryside set up at one end of the place with 2 model trains running around it!  Jake could barely concentrate on eating with all of the wonders to behold. :) Hannah was enthralled by all the shiny things moving around.


011 014017 After the fun we went to get my eyes checked one more time so that I could finally order my contacts.  I was told that I am a junkie, a minus junkie that is, meaning that I like to see better than 20/20.  Apparently about 6 years ago I was given a prescription that was too strong and have gotten too used to seeing like Superman.  So now they are trying to bring me down to normal.  Boo-hoo! I liked being so special! :) Anyway, all that business is taken care of, I have bright shiny new contacts and have never felt better! :)


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