Monday, February 9, 2009

Date night!

Joe and I were so excited to get the wonderful gift of a night out on the town for our anniversary from some dear friends at the church…thank you Burtons and Lubbens. :) We dropped the kids off at the Burton home and proceeded to the BrickStone Brewery in Bourbonnais for dinner.  It was beyond tasty! So, we had a lovely dinner, complete with a lot of high school kids eating before Winter Ball.  We enjoyed people watching and recalling our high school memories of various formal events.  Enlightening dinner conversation to be sure!024

After that we jetted over to a movie theater and took in a showing of Taken.  Kind of a compromise, Joe wanted to see Gran Tourino and I was more interested in Bride Wars. :) Marriage at its best!  The movie theater must have been an old playhouse at one time because the main screen was playing Coraline…we mistakenly walked into that instead of Taken and I was totally flabbergasted by the size of the theater and the absolute beauty.  I walked into it after the movies were over and all the walls and the ceiling were beautifully painted and there was gilting on everything.  The bathrooms were down some pretty interesting stairs so I have to guess that the whole place was converted and added on to. So pretty, anyway, we had a wonderful evening out without the children!  So far we have succeeded having a “date” without children in January and February.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes. :)


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