Friday, February 27, 2009

Dust You Are…

We had a fairly uneventful day.  We had a family dentist appointment in the morning-all are fine with no cavities! The kids were in love with the dentist office because it had a ginormous playroom for them to play in while we waited to get in. Jake must have been really impacted by the whole experience because he keeps sneaking into the bathroom to brush his teeth. 



Showing off the pearly whites. Apparently we don’t have to worry about the dead tooth or the chipped one. RELIEF!

004After we got home we all got ready for the service and headed over there for some tasty soups and desserts and then the service.  I have always liked the service on Ash Wednesday.  Lily was ecstatic to receive the ashes on her forehead and decided that since she was old enough for that she HAD to be old enough to take communion.  Sadly, she thought wrong and was very disappointed when her daddy passed her by with “nothing but a prayer”. Someday honey…

009 013

Jake fell asleep during church so I didn’t torture him with the camera. :) And so Lent begins.  I don’t ever really give anything up for Lent so there isn’t really anything to report on that front.  I am more in the “just try to add more devotion and prayer into my day” camp. I find that the few times I have gone the abstaining route I don’t end up sticking with it the entire 6 weeks so better to avoid the guilt and stick to the point of Lent.

To finish off the evening, Hannah enjoyed a little…

018 A girl after my own heart! DELICIOUS!


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