Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interesting Concept!

What might these things have in common???




These are the things that made up my daughters lunch today.  Yes…Lily had 2 hotdogs with a side of peanut butter and syrup that she dipped them into. Where might you ask were her parents at the time?  Well, I was at a meeting at church and Joe decided to let her because she told him that she always had to try things before saying that she didn’t like them.  We have been trying to drive that home since she doesn’t believe in any veggies or fruits and occasionally meats so he let her.  And she ate two.  What do you know?????!!!!

GROSS! On a side note, our “normal” child, Jacob had rice and curry.  Yes! Oh, well. I would never do it but it’s not going to kill her so if it gets her to eat something I’m all for it.


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