Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chaos in the Dapelo House!

Lots of crazy stuff going on this past week.

First, Lily was playing computer games and spilled water on the mouse part of the laptop. Sadly, as soon as I cleaned it up the screen went totally dark. After a trip to Best Buy and the FABULOUS Geek Squad,  we found out that our motherboard was fried. So, sadly we had no computer.

Second, I got a crazy fever and horrible abdominal pain on Wednesday night, after seeing two doctors and getting labs done on Thursday I was admitted to the hospital for an appendectomy. Fortunately, after doing a CT and some more tests I was released the next day with all of my organs intact.

Third, because of the possible surgery Ruthie and Josh drove out to see us and help me take care of the kids. It was nice to see them again. They spent the weekend here and went back home on Sunday. They did, however, bring us a solution to our first problem. Apparently there was a seminarian that my dad is in school with that had a computer that he was looking to get rid of so Ruthie and Josh brought it out with them getting us back up and running. That has been SO WONDERFUL! Josh also helped us get the hard drive out of the old one and we are going to see if we can resurrect the dead. Here’s hoping and praying.

Fourth, Lily got her 4 year old shots on Monday and has not been the same since. She wanted to stay home from school today which I think is a first for her. So, Joe went out to pay her tuition and her teacher very kindly sent some of their projects home for her to do here. She enjoyed “playing” school with mommy and Jake today. She does want to go tomorrow. Unfortunately, there is no school tomorrow so we will deal with that one when we get to it. Hannah also woke up this morning with some sort of weird “slapped face” look and has been HORRIBLY congested all day. She is not her usual cheerful self so we will see what tomorrow brings.

That’s it for tonight. As I get more programs installed back onto the computer I may get to the camera stuff to get photos back on. Hopefully we didn’t lose everything that we had on the hard drive.



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