Thursday, March 12, 2009


    Road Closings

    Route 1 and 24 West Junction in Watseka is closed as of 8am Thursday morning & South 2nd in Watseka is across 1 lane as of 5:30 Thursday.

    Officials are asking people to go around Watseka. Cable Line is for local traffic only and there is still a 5 Ton Weight Limit on all county roads, including Cable Line and 2100 which is the way most people take around. Big trucks find alternate routes…which would be Rt 1 to 52 to Sheldon.

    Many side roads in Watseka are covered with water and impassable.

    Concord Township

    3020E North of 2000 North

    2420 E South of 1400 North - Bridge Out

    Other Info

    Sandbags are available at Peoples Redi Mix and availability is up to the city.

    Due to water around the building, Nettie Davis will not have school today (March 12th). Other buildings will have student attendance as usual.

    Big R is opening an hour early for those in need of emergency supplies.

This is the warning from the local radio station.  All the water that we are getting inundated with is not from rain here but from rain in Indiana that has run into the river here.  The catch basins can’t hold it back any longer.  Yesterday they said that the flood bank is 18 ft and they were predicting that the water was going to reach 26 ft today. The street in front of our house is closed now because we have a catch basin on the corner and apparently the back flaps aren’t doing their job.











Of course it doesn’t help that it is about 20 degrees outside. The water is starting to freeze and make some pretty awesome ice! I don’t think I have seen this many city workers out since we moved here. They keep coming out to measure the water…I think. I heard on the news that we actually got more water than when we had the AWFUL flood last year in January. I think we are better off this year because the ground is a lot softer than it was then and a lot of the water is able to be absorbed into the ground and also because after the flood last year they put in some new safety measures. Hopefully it goes down soon.  We have sandbags…just in case!


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