Saturday, March 14, 2009

Off to the Emerald City

We went to Chicago today to experience St Patricks Day in all its splendor. We left home before 8, drove to Midway, got on the L, and then walked down 2 flights of extremely scary stairs to get to street level. Did I mention that we went down the stairs with a double stroller containing 2 children, a carseat, a diaper bag, a cooler, and a second bag containing all of the drinks, all the coats and 2 blankets? We were trying to fit the kitchen sink but ran out of room with the rest of the house in there! We decided to forego watching the dye actually go into the river in favor of finding the primo spot on the parade route. Matt, Christie and kids came with the mad hordes of people rushing to the parade following the dyeing of the river. We watched the parade and watched the parade and watched the parade! It was fun but after awhile we decided that we were done. There seemed to be more walking “groups” than anything else…ie. plumbers union 131 etc.  It was a really fun day, a big thank you to Matt for bringing the corned beef sandwiches! Delish… After we ditched the parade we walked over to the river to experience it in all its emerald glory and then back to the L, up the flights of stairs with 2 sleeping kids and all of the stuff, so on and so forth.

Super fun day! Totally worth the experience!006




Oh, and I forgot to mention that Madeline and Lauren showed up wearing the EXACT same outfit as Lily! How does that happen? They were passing out candy, hats, ice cream and beads and I think the girls got stuff because they were so cute. One women that brought them candy commented on the cute “twins” (Lily and Madeline). They also got their picture taken by some parade person with a ginormous camera. We’ll have to see if it makes it into anything. SO FUN!!!!! 036079









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