Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Party!

Lily had her birthday party with her friends yesterday and it was lots of fun. All her friends weren’t able to come but we still had a great time. Matt, Christie, and the 2 little girls came out in the morning and spent the day with us yesterday and today. We all went to Kankakee to…you guessed it…the Exploration Station and then said goodbye to them there.










Intently painting her pot and blowing out the birthday candles…all out in one breath!



Lily on her new bike and Hannah enjoying the beautiful weather.

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All the friends…Jake was NOT feeling well at all. He slept most of the day and cuddled when he was awake. It was a really fun day! The girls all had fun running around, playing dress up, painting, and playing on the swings. I find it so hard to believe that my little baby is almost 4 years old now! Just a few more days…


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