Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yesterday was so BEAUTIFUL! I think our high was 70 degrees! I had to hunt for clothes that were suitable for summer and then we spent a large portion of the day outdoors. Again, Hannah wasn’t too sure what to think at first of the sunshine, breezes, and nature in general but she WASN’T disappointed! The kids had a blast playing on the swingset, the disgusting sandbox that is getting thrown away, the grass, and of course last years kiddy pool. Lily freaked out a little at first about not wearing shoes and socks but got over it quickly. We ended up walking over to the church and encountered ladies that were just leaving the World Day of Prayer service. Unfortunately, I was in “playclothes” with no shoes. Just one more lesson to me. ALWAYS dress to impress.  You never know who will see you. :) It took a little convincing (amidst the tears) to convince the kids to come inside at 5:30.  They got bathed and then after I fixed their plates of food and went to get them I found this…052

They were so tired! I am proud to say that they were both asleep BEFORE 7:00. I can’t wait for summer to come for real!





















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