Thursday, April 16, 2009

65 Degrees and Socks!

Today was BEAUTIFUL! There were birds, freshly mowed grass, kids running and laughing, patio furniture, and baby feet.

IMG_1710Hannah was LOVING the outdoors. I don’t know if she was too sure of the grass at first but warmed up to it quickly! Her new favorite trick is to take off her socks and eat them or her toes, depending on what is closest at that given time.

IMG_1729The kids wanted in on the picture action too…


Jake was a little droopy today. He was tired, chapped and nursing a bleeding lip at the time of this picture. I think he did pretty well considering. :)









The sock saga! What can I say, she loves them!


The tough guy! He wanted to play basketball but the ball was flat and he is still not quite big enough for the regular sized ball. He ended up running around with a kick ball instead.


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