Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am tired. I just finished a little project for Joe and am about to go to bed but thought that I would write a QUICK update and do a more extensive one tomorrow with pics from the trip.

For those of you that don’t know, Joe and I were in Germantown, Maryland this past week. We left on Monday morning and arrived home yesterday. We were blessed by Joe’s mom who came out to watch our kids while we were gone. I have to say that there were moments when I felt like we were almost on a second honeymoon! It is amazing how different everything is with no children to worry about.

We spent a day and a half touring around Washington DC and had an absolutely MARVELOUS time! Last night after getting home we spent a little quality time with the kids and after they went to bed I had a great conversation with Laurie. It was so good to talk and catch up. I am so BLESSED!

We went to Chicago today to take her back to the airport and are trying to get everyone back into the routine of every day life. I want to save most of the details of the week for the next few posts but I do want to share one thing. Hannah was pretty sick while we were gone. Some sort of stomach bug I guess. Laurie, Matt and Christie had to deal with mass vomiting and diarrhea. Yesterday she seemed to be doing so much better. She had a bottle, a little bit of cereal and of course Pedialyte. She slept pretty well and was doing FABULOUSLY today. No diarrhea, no throwing up… And then the unthinkable. We were eating a late lunch at Giordanos with Laurie and Hannah projectile vomited all over the table and floor. You can imagine the panic that ensued. I ran her in to the bathroom and changed all her clothes, they cleaned the mess up in the dining room. We all said goodbye, Joe ran her over to the airport while the kids finished eating and then just after he got back Jake tipped an entire, FULL glass of ice water all over my lap. Needless to say we tipped well and booked it out of there. As if all this wasn’t enough drama for the day, while driving the hour and a half home Hannah had (you guessed it) diarrhea all over the place. We stopped at a Walmart and I bathed her in the bathroom sink (that is a whole different post) and got her all cleaned up while Joe bought her a cheap little outfit.

SO, now I am tired, she isn’t sleeping because she isn’t feeling well, tomorrow is Confirmation Sunday and I should really be there but I don’t know what I will do if Hannah has an “episode” in the middle of the service.

Just thought I would share. So tired….

On the upside, I got my new Cricut cartridge in the mail, I got a cartridge from Laurie for my birthday, and today I got my first paycheck in the mail!!!! Life is great!

Night all. More to come later, and they will be things that are actually interesting to read.


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