Monday, May 18, 2009

8 Months!

Here we are at the 8 month mark! I can’t believe how quickly time is FLYING by!! She is so big now. I see her and it makes me a little sad that my little baby is becoming a little girl. :)

She is absolutely hysterical. There isn’t enough time to talk about all of the little quirks that make her so special so I will keep it to just a few.

-She loves to clap. Everything deserves applause. When Johnny graduated and everyone started to clap she was right there with everyone else. getting her cheering down.IMG_4542

-She has discovered that the mouth is incredible. She can make the funniest noises. Kissing, clicking, raspberries, snorting like a little pig, panting, popping her jaw…the list goes on.

-She still LOVES to be roughhoused with. She loves to be thrown up in the air and hung upside down. She is a wild child. She likes to fling her entire body towards whatever it is that she wants.IMG_4554

-She ADORES babies. She wants any dolly that she latches her beady little eyes on. She likes to try to pull out their eyelashes and bite their heads but she also likes to cuddle with them! Thus, the issues at the American Girl store.

-She is SUPER sensitive. If you raise your voice in the room she will burst into tears. She can be calmed down instantly with a little hug or cuddle but she does NOT like the loud noises.




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