Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun Times

Joe and I went into Chicago on Saturday night to have dinner on Devon Ave. with Matt and Christie. It was a nice ending to a very busy day. We went to a little restaurant, Viceroy of India, walked around, went into a little bookshop that had all kinds of fascinating little things from India, went into a delicious smelling Indian grocery store and bought….


Two 7 oz bags of Indian spices, one bag of Channa Chur, and a monstrous bag of dal. So exciting!

I was also floored by this…


A 7 oz bag of turmeric powder cost $1.99. A 0.9 oz jar of turmeric at the local grocery store cost me around $2.50. Now some of you may say…who would ever need that much?


I make curry at least 3 times a month if not more. One of the little jars lasts maybe for two meals worth. So, needless to say, I was excited!

We also had craft time on Sunday and this was the product of that.




Flash cards for Lily and Jake. I got the Zooballoo cartridge for the cricut and couldn’t wait to try out some of the little projects that I have had swirling around in my brain for a while now.

It was great! Lily and Jake love the flashcards and I had a blast doing them. I love it when being crafty serves a purpose.



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