Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Day!

Yet one more post that I am behind on! Lily’s last day of preschool was Thursday! It seems so weird to think of my oldest “baby” being done with her first year of “school”! I took her in and hung around for a little while to get a class picture and then picked her up later. She was excited to see me but started crying when I told her that she was done. I wonder when kids get over that and start rejoicing on the last day. Anyway, she got over it quickly enough when I gave her this….


Ivana Chandelier is the name…

I got her teacher a little gift and at the gift shop they were giving a webkin with every $15 purchase! So, she got a little treat too!


Someday I will have so much fun blackmailing her with these pictures! :) I love it!

She loves Mrs. Koester so much! I think that was one of the biggest reasons for the tears when we left!






The whole class. Don’t they look like a bunch of trouble makers??????  


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