Monday, May 18, 2009

Mall of America

While in MN we went to the Mall of America. If you haven’t been there you should go once and then never again. Lego land was a HUGE hit! They made their own little cars to race and Lily was really proud of the one she made. I though Jake would be more into it than Lily but I was definitely wrong on that one!  The kids LOVED the rides…they went on a Dora ride, a Diego ride, and a Swiper ride. Are you sensing the theme??!! We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Jake didn’t love the storms that blew through there every 22 minutes. We did manage to make it through lunch! Lily thought that the monkeys were truly something to behold. Hannah was amazed by the whole experience. We topped off the trip with a quick jaunt into the American Girl store. Lily immediately felt like I had deprived her of the life that she was born to have because I had not purchased all of the dolls for her. Hannah tried to rip EVERY baby off of the displays and Jake really wanted the little side-by-side double stroller for the twins that Lily was convinced that we were buying for her and Jake. We enjoyed watching the hair salon employees work their magic on some truly heinous hair and Lily wanted to have her hair done by them.

All in all, a GREAT trip and they did so well. We did leave empty handed so that was a bonus for mommy and the wallet!



Jake at Rainforest Cafe during the storm. You laugh but he spent half of lunch like this! :)

















Hannah desperately wanting the baby in the case. She was in her idea of heaven when we walked in there!







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