Saturday, June 27, 2009

Go Giants!

We went to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers/Giants game at Miller Park yesterday. I got off work an hour early and we “rushed” out, only to get stuck in traffic. Our 3 hour drive turned into 4 1/2 hours…I think. Not exactly sure how long it took.

We got to the park, tailgated, went to the game excited, left a little disappointed. They got spanked. :( Oh well, such is sports.









On the way to Milwaukee…Hannah wasn’t this happy the whole way there.


The whole group! We were quite the sight. All the Matt Dapelos were wearing Brewers stuff and the Joe Dapelos were wearing Giants stuff. We didn’t look like we were all the same family!


I just HAD to put this on here. Jake and Lauren were so funny!















And last but not least…Christie taunting the 4 year old when the Giants lost! Poor Lily could stop talking about the “Go Giants” the whole way to the game and then got seriously disappointed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers out there!


One of the three greatest dads I know! The wonderful father of my kids… He is such a great dad! The kids wore him out today and gave him maybe a little TOO much love. Fortunately Father’s Day is once a year!


My dad. He has been my example. I looked for a man with traits like my father. He is the perfect example of a godly man. I love him so much and LOVE to see him in his role as grandpa now. Quite obviously he has taken to it well. :)



My second dad. I look at Joe and see so much of his father in him. I love him for raising Joe to be the wonderful man that he is. He is such a wonderful papa to the kids too. I just wish that they were just a little bit closer. :)

Thank you all for everything that you have done and continue to do! I love you all! 

Festival Time

We drove out to Lafayette, IN for a festival yesterday.



























We has so much fun! What a blast it was. It was the Comcast Taste of Tippecanoe. They had blocked off a huge part of the downtown streets and had the streets packed with people, restaurants had closed so that they could set up booths in the festival, there were at least 5 stages that had different types of live music playing and they had all kinds of activities for kids on one side of the river and the majority of the adult activities on the other. We only stayed a few hours but we had a great time. The kids loved it and we left when Hannah started getting overwhelmed by the immense crowds and the loud music. Granted it was probably around 8:30 or 9 by the time we got out of there. We will definitely put it on the calendar for next year!

Cherry Pickin’

There has been a LOT going on recently! Friday was a rally for work…separate post on that later. Saturday was cherry pickin’ in the am and then a HUGE festival in the pm. Today was Father’s Day, obviously. So. One at a time.











We picked cherries at a parishioners home. He was very gracious, invited us over to pick cherries, and then sent the cherries home with us! He had a fabulous “old school” cherry pitter that Lily LOVED using! She had a wonderful time. Jake was more interested in the sandbox and toys after picking than the cherry pitter.



Hannah was having a wonderful time too.


She was starting to get a little cranky so Joe gave me a heart attack that I immediately documented on film. Is that even a valid saying anymore?? Does that make me a bad mother?







Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tea Time

When I came home today there was a note on the door that was inviting me to a tea party! It was handwritten by Lily and beautifully illustrated. They had some friends over and had created this beautiful little tea table with all kinds of dress up things laid out on the couch. Everything had to be fancy!

Lily had “invited” some of her stuffed animals to the party too. Everyone, including the stuffed animals, had to wear necklaces and other fancy things. Jacob and Daniel crashed the party and were allowed to participate without wearing the necklaces.

We had some delicious chocolate caramel brownies that Esther made, Tazo “flower” tea, and lots of sugar. The perfect ingredients if I may say so!


Pre-party lipstick application is always necessary!


The table…set by Lily!






The guests!


The Hostess with the Mostest!


So fun! I can’t wait to do this again sometime!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hard to believe it is that time again! She is another month older! I think it is so funny that aging one month is such a big deal for a baby. So, here it is…

She is becoming a little girl in front of my eyes! I can’t believe how incredibly cute she is. She is eating primarily table food now and is loving it. She cannot be left alone at all anymore. She is crawling all over the place and loves to be chased. She loves to go on walks and LOVES to “play” the piano. She absolutely devours book and likes to read them too. :)


She made me so happy yesterday.

She said mama.


I look at her now and feel a little sad because she is getting so big. I love cuddling with her and she is beginning to pull away sometimes. She has her two top teeth that are just peering through. In not so exciting news…she is now biting. I am hoping that she is only doing it because her top teeth are hurting as they break through and that it won’t become a habit.

She has had a little bit of a rough time recently with some pharyngitis and then strep only a few weeks later but seems to be over it all now and quite content. She is beginning to develop a little bit of an insecurity and wants to be held more than usual but I am chalking that up to not feeling well for a few weeks. Hopefully she gets over that too.

She got weighed at the doctors office this past week and was 16 pounds. She is holding right in there at the 15th percentile. She has dropped a little (from the 25th) but they think that she was probably not eating as much because of the throat stuff. We take her in again next month for a weigh in to make sure that she is gaining the appropriate amount of fat. I believe, (I don’t remember for sure) that she was 27 inches long. If that sounds weird it is probably wrong. I will have to check on that when I go back in. Oooopsie. :)

We are excited to see all the coming changes…












She was so excited about using one little finger.

Joe was holding her leg to keep her steady on the bench and at one point she reached down  and patted his hand. She loves him so much! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Relay for Life

Last night we walked over to the track behind the church to attend the relay for life events. The program went from 6 pm to 6 am. We went last year but didn’t stay very long because we moved that week and I was not comfortably pregnant any longer. :)

This year we stayed until a little after 10:30. The kids were real troopers. They did so great! I think Lily may have walked around 2 miles!

It brought tears to my eyes to watch them do the survivor lap. To see all the people who had battled cancer and won was incredible and joyful! All the children walking proudly next to their caregiver/parent/ grandparent made me cry. To see the caregivers walking at the end without anyone with them, knowing that they had lost someone dear to them… It was very emotional and my feelings were all across the board.


Later, after it got dark they did a few laps of silence. They had around 1300 luminaries lining the sides of the track in honor of loved ones. They had bagpipes playing and a screen with names of the people who finally succumbed to cancer rolling. As Lily, Jake and I walked those laps I thought of my family…my paternal grandparents, my Uncle Ed, and my Aunt Virginia that are no longer with us. My Uncle John who is battling cancer now and Joe’s Uncle Mike who is battling lymphoma. It is something that you don’t think about unless you have been affected by it and I want my children to know how special all these people are…some of which they will never know.






















The crazy kids. They loved all the activities for them. Can’t you tell? Hannah is a party animal!




We enjoyed a little concession stand dinner… They were selling hot dogs for a dollar, brats for two, and giving away bananas and water. Can’t beat that!

It was a great night that was emotional, fun, and full of lots of exercise. It was amazing to see how much money was raised for the American Cancer Society and it was amazing to see how many people came to support it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a little bit of different things.

Just a few sweet random pictures…


Lily has never been one to eat veggies or fruits. Out of the blue she decided that she wanted to eat peas and did…gagging the entire time she was telling me how much she like them. Because she did such a good job Gramma Laurie sent her a certificate for good eating.




Hannah loves Lily’s yellow tulle skirt. Esther put it on her today and she was trying to crawl all over the place in it.



Computer junkie already!! What will we do when she gets older??

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a Little Baseball

We have had such beautiful weather recently. The kids have been enjoying every moment outside so the other day Joe brought them a little gift.



IMG_1108You might laugh at the expression on her face but she was smacking the ball across the yard. Apparently just because she can’t throw doesn’t mean she can’t hit!

IMG_1103   IMG_1104

So much fun! What a fun evening. Hopefully we will have lots like this over the next few months…


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