Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cherry Pickin’

There has been a LOT going on recently! Friday was a rally for work…separate post on that later. Saturday was cherry pickin’ in the am and then a HUGE festival in the pm. Today was Father’s Day, obviously. So. One at a time.











We picked cherries at a parishioners home. He was very gracious, invited us over to pick cherries, and then sent the cherries home with us! He had a fabulous “old school” cherry pitter that Lily LOVED using! She had a wonderful time. Jake was more interested in the sandbox and toys after picking than the cherry pitter.



Hannah was having a wonderful time too.


She was starting to get a little cranky so Joe gave me a heart attack that I immediately documented on film. Is that even a valid saying anymore?? Does that make me a bad mother?








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