Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hard to believe it is that time again! She is another month older! I think it is so funny that aging one month is such a big deal for a baby. So, here it is…

She is becoming a little girl in front of my eyes! I can’t believe how incredibly cute she is. She is eating primarily table food now and is loving it. She cannot be left alone at all anymore. She is crawling all over the place and loves to be chased. She loves to go on walks and LOVES to “play” the piano. She absolutely devours book and likes to read them too. :)


She made me so happy yesterday.

She said mama.


I look at her now and feel a little sad because she is getting so big. I love cuddling with her and she is beginning to pull away sometimes. She has her two top teeth that are just peering through. In not so exciting news…she is now biting. I am hoping that she is only doing it because her top teeth are hurting as they break through and that it won’t become a habit.

She has had a little bit of a rough time recently with some pharyngitis and then strep only a few weeks later but seems to be over it all now and quite content. She is beginning to develop a little bit of an insecurity and wants to be held more than usual but I am chalking that up to not feeling well for a few weeks. Hopefully she gets over that too.

She got weighed at the doctors office this past week and was 16 pounds. She is holding right in there at the 15th percentile. She has dropped a little (from the 25th) but they think that she was probably not eating as much because of the throat stuff. We take her in again next month for a weigh in to make sure that she is gaining the appropriate amount of fat. I believe, (I don’t remember for sure) that she was 27 inches long. If that sounds weird it is probably wrong. I will have to check on that when I go back in. Oooopsie. :)

We are excited to see all the coming changes…












She was so excited about using one little finger.

Joe was holding her leg to keep her steady on the bench and at one point she reached down  and patted his hand. She loves him so much! :)


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