Saturday, June 13, 2009

Relay for Life

Last night we walked over to the track behind the church to attend the relay for life events. The program went from 6 pm to 6 am. We went last year but didn’t stay very long because we moved that week and I was not comfortably pregnant any longer. :)

This year we stayed until a little after 10:30. The kids were real troopers. They did so great! I think Lily may have walked around 2 miles!

It brought tears to my eyes to watch them do the survivor lap. To see all the people who had battled cancer and won was incredible and joyful! All the children walking proudly next to their caregiver/parent/ grandparent made me cry. To see the caregivers walking at the end without anyone with them, knowing that they had lost someone dear to them… It was very emotional and my feelings were all across the board.


Later, after it got dark they did a few laps of silence. They had around 1300 luminaries lining the sides of the track in honor of loved ones. They had bagpipes playing and a screen with names of the people who finally succumbed to cancer rolling. As Lily, Jake and I walked those laps I thought of my family…my paternal grandparents, my Uncle Ed, and my Aunt Virginia that are no longer with us. My Uncle John who is battling cancer now and Joe’s Uncle Mike who is battling lymphoma. It is something that you don’t think about unless you have been affected by it and I want my children to know how special all these people are…some of which they will never know.






















The crazy kids. They loved all the activities for them. Can’t you tell? Hannah is a party animal!




We enjoyed a little concession stand dinner… They were selling hot dogs for a dollar, brats for two, and giving away bananas and water. Can’t beat that!

It was a great night that was emotional, fun, and full of lots of exercise. It was amazing to see how much money was raised for the American Cancer Society and it was amazing to see how many people came to support it!


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