Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 months

That time again….


She seems to be growing in front of our very eyes.She has packed on almost 2 pounds in the last month. She is up to 18 lbs 2 oz now and back into the 25% for height and weight. Headsize is a whole other story. She is in the 75% for that. I have always said that this Dapelo family focuses on brains first, then hair. :)


She is still proudly sporting her four little teeth. I think there are more on the way. She LOVES to stand up and to walk along furniture. I am guessing that it won’t be long before she decides that she has had enough of the crawling. Jacob is a huge favorite right now. She loves to cuddle with him.


She is definitely exercising her right to a personality. She is getting so loud now. She has no problem letting her little voice be heard! I don’t think that anyone will be missing her in church! Bathtime is one of her favorite times and I am not sure if it is the nakedness, the brother and sister in there with her, or the ability to make me absolutely crazy with the splashing.


She still seems to be struggling with a little insecurity. I am hoping that next month I will be able to say that it is a thing of the past. She LOVES being outside and swinging is a HUGE hit! Also, she loves to give kisses and high fives. I think that is it for now.


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