Thursday, July 23, 2009

BUSY week!

I haven’t gotten to doing a new post because everything has just been chaotic around here. We have gone to the fair, are in the midst of VBS, work is crazy right now….lots of changes, and I feel like everything is so crazy I haven’t even had the time to sit.


We had fun at the fair…it was considerably smaller than the Henry Co fair in Napoleon. Joe was scheduled to work the Lutherans for Life booth for 3 hours so we went on a little excursion. The kids rode 2 rides together, picked a rubber ducky from a tub of water and got a hedgehog, ate dinner (LOVE fair food!), played with the cutest little beagle (Shiloh) at the animal shelter booth, and pet the animals in the little petting “zoo” area. The tiny baby chicks were a huge hit with all the kids. I fear for what they will be like as chickens with how many times they were dropped by other children. Lily was adventurous enough to pet the goats and hold the chicks and the bunnies. She really wanted to pet the peacock, the pony, the calf, and the ducks but couldn’t reach them because they were hiding in the middle of the pen where she couldn’t reach. Smart animals!

IMG_2049This was the expression when we asked if he wanted to pet the bunny. The closer we got the more stressed he got. I asked him why and he said… “don’t want the bunny. He eat me.” I don’t know what that was all about!














The kids are really enjoying VBS.  Fortunately, this year they divided the kids up by age so Lily and Jake are both in the preschool class. I think that Joe is starting to get a little tired now. He is running part of it and I think having to be there with little kids is more wearing on him than the Colorado trip was.

We also had the second summerfest of the summer. This is the only picture I got. We had fun and were doing something almost the entire time. I finally remembered the camera towards the end. Ooooopsie! On a side note…I was part of the winning team for beanbags this time. Here’s to getting the same partner next month.


We got our new computer!! I am excited to report that it is all I hoped for and more. It will definitely take some getting used to but I think that we will be MUCH happier in the long run. I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do with the blog. Mac doesn’t support WLW and I have NO desire to stop using it. It seems to be the best program out there. Any suggestions?


That’s it for now! More later…


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