Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

We celebrated two birthdays today! My mom and Ruthie. They don’t actually share a birthday but we did celebrate them together this year. Ruthie was 23 on the 6th and Mama was never younger on the 11th. :)


We had a wonderful day…I worked the early part and when I got home we made a wonderful curry smorgasbord. I know that sounds a little crazy to be mixing cultures like that but bear with me.


We had a tomato curry, vegetable curry, chicken curry, potato bhaji, delicious dal, vinegar salad and rice. For those of you not familiar with the lingo see pictures below…


We also had a rhubarb pie that Joe had been dying for, a banana cream pie, and Ruthies choice…strawberry pie. 


After a delicious dinner we did presents-the photobook for Mama and the 365 album for Ruthie! Hopefully they both get lots of use out of their gifts. We also enjoyed some ice cream sundaes with pie before bed.



SO.MUCH.FUN!!!! I love birthdays. Even when they are not my own.


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