Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jake is 3, FINALLY!

Happy birthday to Jake! I say finally because he seems older than he is. It was weird to realize that he is only 3. I feel like he has been around forever!


We went to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday this year. It seemed fitting. Lily had her 3rd birthday party at the Chuck and he had been begging to go. We decided to keep it really simple this year and went with just our family and Esther.










Jake basking in his money. Thank you Gramma Jack! He bought a book at Barnes and Noble!










Fortunately, it was an enjoyable trip. There was only one other family there and the kids were primarily older than ours so there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction. I know that Hannah definitely enjoyed going on the little mini merry-go-round that they had. Lily enjoyed a game or 5 of air hockey with one of the girls from the other family. Joe enjoyed the football games and Jake had a blast with the train. He would have been happy spending every single token on that. :) Est and I tried a little air hockey and then I tried the Whacka Mole type game that they had. I lost. To Joe. Boo.











Cake. Presents. Games. Fun.

Every ingredient that was needed for the PERFECT 3rd birthday!

Thank you everyone for the birthday calls and gifts!


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