Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, yesterday was a very sad and emotional day at work. Without going into details, it was draining.

So, right off in the morning Joe dropped his cell phone in the toilet. It didn’t seem to be working very well so he was going to leave it at home to let it dry out. I went to work early and Joe was on kid duty because Lily had school.

In the midst of everything that was going on at work Joe called me to let me know that while taking Lily to school he pulled up to a stop sign and one of the side doors fell off of the van.




How was your day?



While sitting at the stop sign with the door on the ground and Lily in the backseat  someone that we knew (sort of) drove by and offered to leave her cell phone with Joe while she took Lily to school. He started making calls and ended up getting someone to come and help him lift the door off of the ground and into the van. He drove around to see if anyone would fix it, went to 2 places that both gave him the cold shoulder and decided to order the bracket and get it on himself.

He brought the van to my work this morning and he and two of my co-workers attempted to get the door aligned on all three tracks at the same time. They did really well. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. We actually think that the bottom bracket may have gotten bent out of shape when it fell off so we have to take it back in tomorrow a.m. to get it checked and possibly the new part ordered.

This could only happen to us.


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