Monday, November 16, 2009

That time again!

The kids are growing like weeds. Starting with the oldest…


Lily: This last month has been somewhat challenging. I think that she is having trouble finding her niche. She seems to be regressing a little in certain areas and almost seems to be depressed. She is not as crazy as usual and spends a lot more time being quiet and playing/coloring alone. It has been a little hard to know what to do with her. She isn’t really being naughty or bad she just seems to be very emotional.

She is very excited about the wedding and can’t wait to be in her “princess” dress. Joe’s mom just finished making it and it is en route to us as I type this. I can’t wait to see how she does walking down the aisle. I am sure that I will tear up. Wretched emotions! :)


Jacob: Jake has been a total maniac! He is a wild child to be sure. He is the rough and tumble, try to “kill” you with his pirate sword, running around the house naked, begging to play computer games, and yelling to go outside kind of boy.

He still LOVES to cuddle at night and is so sweet to Hannah! The potty training is slow but I think that I am the one learning a life lesson of patience. He is trying to decide if the wedding is something that he wants to participate it. I am hoping that all will go well.


Hannah: TROUBLE! She is walking and getting into absolutely EVERYTHING! I don’t know if there is anywhere that is safe from her prying little fingers. Her favorite thing to do is tear apart all of the lower cabinets in the kitchen. I don’t have locks on anything because there isn’t really anything in them that could hurt her and she just has so much fun doing it!

She loves to play with Jake and Lily. She has been struggling a little with jealousy. She likes to be the center of everything because she KNOWS that the world revolves around her! She is still super sassy and very cheeky. She will only look at you when she knows that you are not looking at her. She likes to play games like that. She LOVES to play peek-a-boo and loves hiding. I can’t wait to see how old she will be when we call the cops because we think that she has been kidnapped when in reality she is just hiding somewhere. (Bring back memories Dad??)


They are all so much fun!



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