Wednesday, December 30, 2009


A BIG thank you to my dear friend Ranveig Niemi! A little history…
Ranveig’s parents were Norwegian missionaries in Bangladesh while we were all there. They had 4 girls and we had 3 girls and a boy. We were all about the same age. They lived in our house before we moved there. We weren’t able to spend as much time as we may have wanted with them because they were in boarding school in Nepal. BUT, anytime we were together we had a total blast. There was one point at which it was easier for us all to talk in Santali because it was a common language rather than English (which they knew well) or Norwegian (which we did not know well)! I know there is an awful picture of us all floating around facebook. And by awful of us all I mean me. :) Who knew that really thick bangs, metal in my mouth, photogrey glasses (oh yes!) and some scary clothing would be something that I would look back on and think WHY!!!!!

Anyway, I digress, Ranveig made this beautiful shawl for me for the handmade craft exchange! I love it and so do the girls. I will post pictures of the girls wearing it because I know that everyone would probably rather look at the girls than me. :)

I am the slacker and haven’t finished my stuff for the craft exchange. Sorry ladies. I promise that as soon as things settle after the holiday it is at the top of the list!!


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