Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ooops! Little Late!

I forgot to do the update on the kids in December and in January. Better late then never…

Lily: She is living life to the fullest! Her most recent obsession is anything to do with office supplies. I am thinking that maybe a box of various office supplies is in order for the upcoming birthday! She loves to be the little mommy to Jake and Hannah. Sometimes a little TOO much! She got her hair cut recently by choice-at the beauty place. It was not self-inflicted this time. It does look cute and she doesn’t look as raggedy now that it is all getting to be the relatively the same length. Miraculously she is starting to really like to clean up and does a good job as long as she has Jake with her. She LOVES school. She spent the night throwing up and still wanted to go to school the next morning. I have to say that it may have something to do with a certain classmate that she has decided will be her future husband. Apparently he was not as receptive to the idea.


Jacob: He is kind of going through a pouty phase right now. He is super sensitive about everything and takes a lot of coaxing and/or tickling to snap out of it. He is still the best eater of all of the kids and LOVES to clean. He was so excited to have his grandma and Uncle Johnny here for a visit recently. He didn’t take kindly to the bout of stomach flu that he had. “Frowing up” is NOT his favorite. Especially when it is his sister throwing up on him. He loves to help out with setting the table, cooking and pretty much anything that is kitchen related. He really likes to “fweep” the kitchen too. Obviously he still has a little trouble with his speech, the s with a consonant following seems to be the problem most of the time. We are working on that.


Hannah: She is still the sassy little girl. I have to say that she has more attitude than either of the other kids. To say everything is DRAMA is an understatement.  For those of you with a diva in the house, feel my pain. We were picking up the playroom one night while Johnny was here and he was just watching her and laughing. I asked him what was funny and he just said that it was great watching Hannah clean because destruction followed behind her like a cloud. She also loves to clean but the motivation behind it is to put it away and then immediately take it back out. She is a very loving little girl though and is quick to put her head on you and say sorry when she is naughty (which she often is!).



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