Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, today we had an interesting time. I was making A Swedish Tea Ring for church tomorrow since we are having the big annual meeting and the council is providing the snacks. So. I started working on it, did the kneading for the appropriate amount of time and then just as I finished I realized that I hadn’t added in the eggs. Hello disaster! So, I started getting ready to mix up another one and decided to call my mom and see if she had any miracle cures or suggestions for the eggless dough that I already had.

She suggested that I throw the dough and the missing eggs into the breadmaker on a dough setting and see if it would incorporate or not. So I did. Meanwhile I made another batch just in case. If it was just for the family it would not have been a big deal but I was a little leary of serving the first one to the church if the breadmaker didn’t work.

Just checked on the dough and the one out of the breadmaker is already through the first two rises and ready for to be formed into the ring and set for the third. The second batch that I labored over is on the second and not looking as promising as the first. Who would have thought that the disaster dough would be the winner? Also, if it turns out so much better why am I the one slaving over the mixing, kneading, making sure that everything is at the perfect temperature when the wonderful technology that we have will do it for me?? Not sure if I am feeling smarter than the machine right now.

We’ll see once they bake if the first one is the better tasting one too. Pictures to come tomorrow.


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