Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update on the kids.

I know, original title. Creativity is not my thing today.  And, since I have been doing these every month it makes it a little harder.

So, youngest first…


Hannah Banana. I don’t really know where to start with her. She seems to change on a weekly basis. She has LOTS of words now and I am beginning to wonder what happened to the days when she didn’t talk at all. She is still tiny. Most of the time when people see her running around they ask how old she is because they think that she is too little to be walking/running around. She is really fun, she has a great sense of humor and she tries to mimic her brother and sister all.the.time! She is going through a serious sister phase right now and loves to be with Lily all the time. Translation, if Lily is laying on the couch, Hannah is laying on the couch. If Lily is walking across the street, Hannah is holding her hand because her hand is better than mine or Joe’s. ETC. It is a little frustrating for Lily at times but I think that she likes it for the most part.


Jacob. He is all about the alphabet and potty training and the computer right now. I know that is what he was doing last month too but seriously, it is really cold outside so the normal, fun outdoor activities are kind of at a halt. He is also stalked a little by Hannah which is funny to watch but he is a great big brother. He DESPERATELY wants to be in school and cries when I take him away every day that I drop Lily off. We are working on a little bit of stuff here at home and I have to say that he is not much farther behind Lily when it comes to recognition of letters and numbers. Writing them is another story but he knows almost all the letters and knows all the numbers. We seem to have turned a corner with his dislike (hatred) for haircuts. He now begs for them on a biweekly basis. The other day he came to us, grabbed his hair, and said “please can we cut my hair. It is growing RIGHT NOW!”


Lilybug. She likes to do any craft that involves paint, glitter, glue, or markers. I am thinking that I am going to give sewing a try one of these days. I don’t know if she has the patience for it but there is only one way to find out. She loves to CREATE. As said above, Hannah is kind of taking over her world and Lily is really enjoying being the big sister (read, mommy) to her. I don’t know how long that will last before it gets too old. She loves books and is especially loving Pinkalicious right now and is desperate to read Purplicious. Tea parties are still a huge deal. She just loves to entertain! She is definitely a leader. When I talked to her teacher she said that Lily doesn’t have any trouble being in charge or having other people follow her direction. (Read, she is really bossy) I blame that on having two younger siblings that are willing to play any role in any game or story that comes out of her pretty little head.

That’s it for now. Another coming next month. Maybe we will have some outings. Hopefully it won’t be so frigid. :)


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