Monday, March 29, 2010

Common things you hear... the Dapelo house.

"Shake your booty, shake your booty." (Followed by Hannah doing so.)
"Mom, I want to make a list."
"Can you help me find the tape, stapler, envelopes, stickers, paper." (Insert any office supply here.)
Any song from school, movie, tv show, anything. Music is a huge deal to Bug.
"Is it craft time?"
"Mom, Hannah is bothering me."

"I want to play computer games."
"I don't want to go ________." If we are out it's home, if it's home he doesn't want to go wherever we are going.
"Hannah is bothering me."
"Can we go to the bookstore?"
"Can I do a project?"
"I want to watch a movie."

When you ask her if she wants something that you know she will want she shouts "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Happy!"
"Read books?"
"Yay, Pablo."
"Don't want"
"No buckle"
"Mommy? Poopy!"
"Dee sleeping." (Dee = Jake)
"Where Lily?"
"Yay! Pictures."
"Want tandy."

So, there they are. The most commonly heard things in our house. They are so funny.


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