Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Finale!

Today marks the end of the birthday festivities for a certain Miss Lily Dapelo. She had her friends over from school and had a really great time running around with them. I am tired. The house is mostly put back together again and we are in the process of recovering from the sugar overload.


First we painted suncatchers. There were lots to be painted and many willing hands.


The food situation. Some healthy, some not so healthy. The kids were able to decorate their own cupcakes with sprinkles and other such delights. That has been on “the LIST” that Lily keeps running of things that she perpetually wants at her birthday party. (In case you were wondering, they drank pink lemonade because Lily desperately wanted a Pinkalicious party.) After the decorating was over and the eating commenced we read the Pinkalicious book! All the girls were practically reciting it!





The decor, the close up, and the favors.


The girls all together. She got a LOT of Barbie stuff, she was not sad about that AT ALL!! She is one very happy 5 year old!


The face of the little sister at 4:45 after too much sugar and NO NAP!! She was just a little tired! 

Jake has been sneaking the pink peeps ever since everyone left. I am a little concerned about the sleeping situation tonight. Hopefully he will go into sugar shock and pass out!


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