Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on the kids

About that time again…
Lily is in full birthday mode! She is all about lists, colors, cakes, gifts, treats, party planning, invitations, etc.  I really do think that she may have a career in party planning when she gets older. She is VERY eager to be 5 and the anticipation of what a wonderful age it is may be too much for her to handle. :) Visions of Barbies, princesses, cupcakes and dress up are definitely filling her dreams right now! She is also thrilled to have a new bed. We got the girls bunk beds and she is enjoying the top bunk very much! She picked out the bedding and has been attempting to make her bed now! :)
Jacob is coping. He is having a little bit of an emotional time right now and has been really trying to be a big boy. He is so happy to be able to go outside. He loves his new bed and is really enjoying the crib set up in his room. I think it is just solidifying what he knew all along. He is having a brother.  He asks at least one time a day when his “jakey baby” is coming out. I remind him that he has to be patient, to which his response is always, “I’m not good at being patient.” I love it! On the exciting front…Jake is almost totally potty trained. FINALLY! I don’t know how long we have been working on this but he is finally to the point where I am not fearful of taking him places around town in underwear.
Hannah is crazy. She is in an aggressive stage right now and I spend about 80% of my day putting out fires and running to cries of “Hannah hit me. Hannah pinched me. Hannah stole my… (fill in the blank).” I think that our ENTIRE family will breathe a sigh of relief when this phase is over. She is probably the most excited about the new beds. Joe and I walked into the girls room to find her, in the dark, lying on her bed, all covered up with her sheets. She LOVES it. Now if we could just get her to stay in it all night we will have accomplished something. :) She is also abnormally obsessed with water. She will play in it any way she can. As you know the toilet is a HUGE draw. Today, before the bathtub was drained she got back into it fully clothed, by herself. I am not exactly sure how she will be this summer, in a pool. I am a little scared.
I think that all of the kids have been growing like weeds. They seem to be growing out of everything that they own on a daily basis. The box of clothes that needs to get packed away seems to be filling faster than usual.


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