Monday, April 19, 2010


The kids updates. As follows.

Lily: She has been growing like a weed. She is NOT excited about the prospect of getting shots so that she can go to Kindergarten. She is loving life as the oldest kid in the family (that won’t last long) and is constantly playing mommy to Hannah. She is getting more of an attitude everyday it seems. Right now she really likes to sing songs, play outside, talk about when she can ride her bike without the training wheels, do crafts (daily, it seems), go to school, come up with decorating ideas for her room, etc etc. The list could go on forever. She is definitely a do-er.


Jacob: He is doing FABULOUSLY at going to the bathroom in the toilet. We are going on a week and a half with no accidents whatsoever. That is including trips that we have taken where he has had to sit in the car for extended periods of time. He had his first experience with peeing in a cup while we were at the park last week and let Joe know that in the future he would rather just pee on the grass. I know, it’s wonderful, and you really wanted to know that. Keeping it real! He is also one that prefers to be outside all day every day. I am more than happy to oblige. The house stays a lot cleaner when they are not in it. He has been having a hard time understanding why he isn’t in school yet. I get the questions as we go to drop Lily off every.single.time. Since he went in for his registration and orientation it has been a brutal ride. He continues to ask about his birthday (in October) and the baby “comin’ out to see me?”.


Hannah: She is 19 months now. She is growing like a weed. I think she has gone through 2 clothing sizes in the last 2 months. You have to understand that it is a miracle considering the fact that the child does not eat ANYTHING at all. Literally. You can pretty much take Lily’s list of things that she likes to do and insert Hannah’s name in front of it. She wants to do everything that Lily does and she wants to do it when Lily does. She is also on a matching kick. She wants to wear the same clothes as Lily everyday. Right now Lily thinks it is pretty special but I am anticipating the novelty of it all wearing off. She is still obsessed with shoes, clothes, purses, markers (or any other coloring thing including paint), and has a newfound love of dress up clothes. She screams “stop it” anytime someone looks at her funny or we have her do anything that is not in her plan for the day. If she ever sees anyone sleeping she considers it her responsibility to “help” them wake up. That is not appreciated in the least by the two older siblings. She is also all over the dandelions that seem to love our yard. I think they are pretty too so I can’t really fault her for that but she can’t walk by one without trying to pick it. It makes it a little hard to get her to focus on whatever we are doing or wherever we are going at the time.


Joe and I are doing great. I think that we are both suffering from exhaustion for different reasons. Isn’t it ironic that you have to force a child to take a nap when all you want to do is curl up and take one yourself?? We had the privilege of going to hear the Army band and choir when they came to town. It was a fun evening for us. A very kind family at the church gave us tickets and took the kids for the evening so that we could have a little time away. They were really good and it brought back memories of being in band in jr. high. I think I appreciated the music a lot more knowing how hard it is to play some things. It was a really entertaining evening. :)



Right now we are in the midst of a plumbing nightmare. If you follow this blog at all you already know that we have had some unfortunate issues in the past that have been resolved, we thought. Unfortunately we are finding out that they were not and that there may something that is a little bigger than originally anticipated. As I write this I am surrounded by the smell of sewage. Definitely something that you want to have lingering around your house, inside and out, on a daily basis. And it is even better when pregnant. I feel like I have flashed back to Bangladesh. :) Right at home! Anyway, we are hoping that the city will come out and do what they need to do so that the plumber can figure out once and for all why this continues to happen. Fortunately we have 2 bathrooms and haven’t had to evacuate the house due to no running water. Yet. I for one will be excited when it is all taken care of! :) Jacob keeps telling me “there is something that doesn’t smell good to my nose”. Poor little guy. He is super sensitive to smells and sounds so this has not been his favorite time either.


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