Monday, April 19, 2010

Edited to add:

FYI- The city people came out and jetted the lines. They were the same nice men that came out on that freezing cold day back in December when we had a house full of people and no running water. When I met them outside one of them said, "looks like you swallowed a jellybean!" My response, "just a little one". To which he started laughing hysterically. I love small towns! :) Now, we have 2 bathrooms that work, no more smell of sewage and all is right with the world. 

I do need to mention that they did say that this was the last time that they would be able to come because an actual plumber needs to come out and take care of whatever is causing the blockage in the line. Basically, no more freebies! :) Joe is going to be talking with the church council ASAP to get the approval for the plumber to dig up the backyard to see why we are having so many problems. Since I know nothing about plumbing I am happily oblivious to what they may or may not find when that is done. It sounds a little ominous but again, I know nothing. I am not sure what this means for planting our little garden. I am thinking maybe we should wait just in case. He said that he would try to be out this week! 

This could all be over soon. 



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