Saturday, April 3, 2010

A glimpse at the last two days!

Hello April! We have had some beautiful weather so far. I have to say that something has been awakened in our house. A little something I like to call the crazies. It seems that there has been something crazy happen. I guess crazy may not be the right word and that some may call it normal activity in a house full of children but for some reason I was surprised by what they did!
Good morning Hannah! Yes, she woke up at 9:00 am (WOW) and that is a sucker stuck in her hair. I don’t know how that happened except that I think her sister may have been involved in it somehow. I know, innocent Lily???!! How could I possibly think that? :)
We went over to Prairieview Lutheran Home for their annual Easter Egg hunt yesterday. Hannah slept through the whole thing. Lily and Jake however were really excited by the whole corporate Egg Hunt experience. They hid 1500 eggs and everything was picked clean in 7 minutes! They got a little more time to look by going there instead of the hunt that was at the Resident Home here in Watseka. 2200 eggs in 2 minutes! How does that even happen? I would be concerned for the well being of my little kids. Someone had to have gotten trampled in that stampede! Lily was very excited to find one of the 30 gold and silver eggs with money in them. She is now 75 cents richer! Jake is very envious of the coveted golden egg.
Joe walked into the bathroom and found this! (I had to do some strategic cropping. This is a family blog you know!) Apparently Jake was really tired and really had to go. Nothing like being relaxed while sitting on the toilet.
Hannah was in the garage with me an touched a picture that had some broken glass on it, cutting her finger in the process. Normally I am not one to throw a band-aid on just anything but after watching it continue to bleed after putting pressure on it, I pulled out the first aid kit. Now, I have to say that the finger of a 1 1/2 year old is a very squirmy thing and she wasn’t terribly interested in having her favorite accessory unavailable. How was she supposed to pick her nose without it?? So the above picture is said finger with 2 band-aids on it (yes, that is blood coming through the 2 band-aids!) A few minutes later I see her, no band-aid and blood dripping down her finger.
So, we resorted to gauze and tape. A little bit later, no gauze and blood dripping off her finger. So, Joe got all creative with a HUGE band-aid that he wrapped around the offending finger and then put tape all around it, attaching it securely to her hand. I didn’t take a picture of it because it was starting to get a little ridiculous. Do I even have to say it? She got it off too. Fortunately the bleeding looks like it is slowing down now so maybe we won’t have to torture her little nosepicker anymore.
I was going to put the pictures of the finished project in this post but I think I will save it for the next. This one is a little picture heavy!

Added later: Forgot to mention that last night at church after the service, Jake went to the bathroom and cracked his noodle on the sink. Needless to say he looked like a unicorn after a few minutes. The bump is enormous! I am expecting a baseball sized bruise on his forehead tomorrow. Just in time for pictures!! Gotta love it!


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