Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a little Hannah humor…

Hannah has gotten to be quite the little parrot. She likes to repeat anything that she hears. Case in point, last night while putting her to bed (when she didn’t want to go to bed) she shouted at me “don’t love you anymore” and then grunted in that way that just screams “so there!”. Needless to say, it hurt my feelings. Who wants to hear their child say those words??

On the more humorous side of it, she also likes to copy things that the older kids say. They try to get her to dance by telling her to shake her booty. She immediately obliges by shaking said piece of her anatomy. She has started saying it herself now and likes to run around telling everyone else what to do.

She also likes to shout “Whoa! That’s a low price!”. Thank you Staples commercial. We appreciate you so much!


Can you say mother of the year?


Yes, that is coffee. She LOVES it! The other day we were out and got the kids a little ice cream treat. Hannah only wanted to eat Joe’s chocolate espresso flavored ice cream. She isn’t going to grow to be much taller than she is now.

I just have to say that I love the look on Jacob’s face. What do you think is running through his mind right here?


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