Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little project, long overdue!

We were blessed with this dresser from some friends of ours when we lived in Napoleon. That was TWO years ago. I had always had this vision of updating it a little once we moved here. Never happened.

So, FINALLY, here it is. It took three days to finish it, mostly because it was such a dark color to start with. There are 3 coats of paint on it now and I let it dry overnight between each one so that it would turn out really nice.

I am so happy with it!

There is no before picture but it was a DARK forest green color and had little dollhouses stenciled on the drawers. Now it looks like this!


Lily has been begging for some sort of stencil or decal or some sort of bling on the drawers. I think that she misses the little houses. I really like the look of it right now but have taken it under advisement. Also, I think that it looks a lot brighter in the picture than it is in real life. Who knows. Does the color look like it could be called “Sassy Pink” to you?

The other little project is Hannah’s name. We have had Lily’s name in her room since we lived in Ohio. I have been wanting to do Hannah’s too but it is hard to find all her letters at one time and in a cute script. Finally, Laurie came through. She called on Wednesday as we were getting ready to go to Milwaukee and said that she had found letters to match Lily’s, they had all of them, and she was going to buy them! I was so excited! Painted them this morning, Hannah and Jake helped with the glitter. Again, the colors look really off. Maybe I should try taking the pictures with the light on in the room? Next time!

Didn’t they turn out cute?









Also, a little bit of praise for Joe. We have been working on clearing out the garage for a while and the GINORMOUS pile at the front of the garage of stuff to take to the dump, to goodwill, and for the rummage sale was quickly taking over the entire space. While I was in Milwaukee he took the seats out of the van and loaded it all up. A few trips later and we have a very LARGE clear space now that the kids have been reveling in (for riding trikes and bikes). There are not a lot of sidewalks around us and the parking lot at the church has been abnormally busy with all of the track meets going on at the school. I like it because I can send all three of them in there while making dinner without having to worry about Hannah running into the street.

Love it! Thank you honey! You are the best. It’s the big AND little things that remind me why he is my hero! :)


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