Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Lily had her graduation from the preschool yesterday! It was so fun to be able to hear all the different stuff that they have been learning. They all recited the Lords Prayer, the Pledge of Allegience, and all of the other little things that they learned over the past year. We had the privilege of getting to see the nativity story enacted…Lily was Mary.

Here are some pictures from the day.











We were so fortunate to have my mom and dad visiting at just the right time. It was nice to have them here to share the day with her. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch afterwards and Lily (and I) both discovered their chocolate dippers. So tasty!

It was a really fun day! I am still having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that she is going to be in Kindergarten but I have the summer to get used to the idea, right??

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Juicing Event!

My mom is giving us this Jack Lalane juicer that my grandma found at a garage sale for super cheap and she decided to give it a whirl while she was here. They went to the store and picked out all the fruit and veggies to juice, came home, washed everything, put the juicer together and went to town with it.











There wasn’t a lot of juice that was actually consumed by the children. Apparently after seeing that juice is made from fruits and vegetables it didn’t look as appetizing to Lily. She isn’t really a big juice drinker anyway so it wasn’t too big of a shock. All I have to say is that I am not going to be at a loss for help should I ever want to make juice for a 100 people. They will be more than happy to help out. They have been asking on a regular basis when they can make more but are quickly deflated when I tell them that they have to drink what they make.



It is amazing to me how productive one can be lying in bed. Of course, only with the help of a wonderful mother and husband. I have been going through box after box of STUFF. Slowly but surely the goodwill bags and garbage bags are piling up and the stuff to go out to the garage or to get put away is diminishing.

There is one more project to cross off of my list now. My mom and I spent an evening putting together the kids memory books for Lily’s preschool class. They turned out pretty cute. I did tweak my original plan just a little. It was a good feeling to send them all to school with Lily on Friday for her teacher to pass out to everyone. I don’t know if I will do it this way ever again but I would like to do some variation of it every year (within reason) so that we have some fun memories from the school year.











I am kind of sad that we have the preschool graduation on Monday morning. It is so exciting to think that we will be having a kindergartener in the house but also a little sad at the same time. I can’t believe how old she has gotten. I was laying next to her the other evening and watching her sleep and had one of those, “Look at how big she is” moments. You know the moment. When you look at your baby and realize that they are way to big to be a baby anymore because you see how long their legs are or how grown up their faces look or how skinny they have gotten? Enough of that, I may start crying.

I am also very excited to announce that my dad is officially a seminary graduate. He has accepted a call to Alaska and they will be moving very soon. We are going to miss them a lot and the frequent visits will be coming to an end but there is a silver lining. We are going to get a chance to go to Alaska to visit them. No plans in the works yet and I am sure that it will be awhile before we can afford the trip but we will make it out there eventually. One more state to cross off of the list!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

It’s just too tough to swallow.

Just a glimpse into the day of one Miss Hannah Leigh.

If you have ever read or heard of the book, The Headstrong Child, it was written about her.





This particular moment was all about not wanting to apologize for hitting her brother over the head with a little “suitcase”. This moment also lasted for around 40 minutes before she got tired and passed out. Also, for your information, she never did apologize. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Hodgepodge

To start off…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to my family and friends! I love you all! I had a really nice day. The “kids” got me flowers. We had a really enjoyable day of not doing a huge amount of stuff and mostly just relaxing. We did have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings…my choice. :) Joe was ecstatic!


Hannah has gotten her first official haircut. It wasn’t a lot off but it was enough. We are trying to grow out the eighteen hairs that she has on her head so we tried to keep it minimal. It was more “shaping”.



I don’t think that she was sure that it was enjoyable but she didn’t cry and seemed to really like being told over and over that she was beautiful.

The kids had a blast doing some chalk art on our front porch. It was looking a little dreary out and it ended up pouring rain when they were finished but they had a good time getting everything covered in their little artistic renditions.

















Lily enjoyed taking pictures of her artwork, Jake enjoyed taking pictures of himself, and Hannah dropped the camera. All in a days work right??


Look at that cute double chin. The only time that he has one is if he does this. He is SO skinny!


The kids keeping me company. I get bored about 20 minutes into the day so they all piled into bed with me and we watched Max and Ruby or Dora or some other wonderful life enlightening cartoon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hannah’s Favorites

Hannah has a few commercials that she absolutely LOVES! Here are 2 of them!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 kids+plumbing issues=IKEA

Yes, that’s right! IKEA. I was talking to my dad and he does NOT share my love for IKEA. In fact, I think he was trying to figure out why I was dumb enough to take 3 little kids there. By myself. Well, they did GREAT! The only little snafu we had was when I didn’t do my homework before promising them something and had to do a little backtracking. :(

I went to get something to take care of one of the projects that I have had on my list for quite some time. I found what I needed, when it is done I will post pictures. Right now I need Joe’s muscle to finish and he is a little swamped at work. Patience is a virtue, or so they tell me.

Here are a few pictures of our time there…


The kitchen. Yes, HUGE draw. Surprisingly enough, Jake liked it almost as much as the trains. The girls were going absolutely bananas over the tiny little everything. Can I also add that the play kitchenware there is extremely solid and well made? I was looking at something that could have come out of my kitchen and been hit by a shrink ray. Really heavy duty stuff! Anyway, they liked all of it and I lost track of how many bowls of “soup” I had to eat.


The little beds. Every time we go Hannah becomes Goldilocks and has to try out every.single.bed that they have. Yes, it gets old. She prefers the little ones and will go so far as to get under the covers of them all, make sure that the pillow is appropriately fluffed, close her eyes, and loudly inform me that she is “seepin”. When the older kids and I were ready to move on Goldilocks was NOT. I did have the double stroller with me so I went to get her, put her in, she promptly slid out and ran, arms flailing back to the beds. It was at that moment that I was cursing the fact that I was the only parent present. Lily and Jacobs peals of laughter did not help my cause so I ended up carrying her like a football under one arm and pushing our seen better days double stroller with the two big kids sitting proudly in it. Apparently they decided that their legs were broken right at that moment. I am sure that I was the butt of many a joke from the 1200 IKEA employees that I saw wandering around. Did I mention that the elevator was broken too?

There were very few shoppers and I saw something there that I have never seen before. They were setting up the rooms. Whenever we have gone in the past it has always been on a Saturday or Sunday. I guess that those must be their busiest days because everything is always perfect. Yesterday they had “rooms” blocked off with caution tape, they were painting the accent “walls” different colors and rearranging pretty much everything. It was really interesting to see them setting it all up.

So, after the showroom when we were getting to the “boring” part of the gigantic gallery (Lily’s words) I promised the kids that I would get them the $1 frozen yogurt cones that they sell right as you are leaving the store. They did remarkably well and were very patient and I felt like treating them for being so sweet so we made it through, purchases in tow, got to the counter and SHOCK, HORROR.  The machine was “Out of Order” and they were not selling them at all that day. So, now I have 3 kids, all having spent the last hour salivating and anticipating and there was no follow through. Awesome parenting there Mary! I apologized/begged their forgiveness for lying to them, got them in the car and we drove the 92 miles back to Watseka. I stopped at McDonalds and got them a milkshake, which at 5:00 became their dinner. Do I need to say it again? Awesome parenting! Oh well, a little splurge now and then didn’t hurt anyone right?? When I told Joe that I was getting them for the kids he wanted one too so we got shakes all around. Hannah shared the coppee with me. ;)


I find it dangerous to go there because I see so many things that set my mind spinning. I could do this… I could do that… That’s not just me right?? Joe was thankful that I stuck to my list and got only what I went there for. I think he panicked when he saw the HUGE bag of stuff that he had to carry into the house because it was almost too heavy for me to lift. The sigh of relief when I told him that it was all for my mom was audible. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

New and exciting things!

Number 1: The girls and I had a great time at the mother daughter dinner at the church! The food was delish and everyone seemed to really enjoy the entertainment.











We took a yummy spinach/orange/almond/raspberry salad and a fruit trifle that looked so pretty I didn’t want to eat it. Lily desperately wanted to eat all the cool whip and the white chocolate pudding and the angel food cake out of it and had NO desire to eat the strawberries or the blueberries. Yes, she is insane.

Number 2: We had a really fun playdate with Lily’s friend Elena. Jake was so sad when we left. I think he enjoyed it as much as Lily did. Don’t mind the strange face on Lily. She is going through a weird eyeball phase right now.


Number 3: This was the view out the kitchen window and into the backyard this morning.


Jake and Hannah have been fascinated by the “digger” that has now consumed 50% of the grass in the backyard. I am torn as to whether I should be sad or happy. They are working on the seemingly eternal plumbing problems that we have been having. All the tile is being replaced and you should see the roots that they have been digging up!




This is some of the days water supply. I don’t know how long we will be without so that is exciting to say the least. Hopefully just for the day. I foresee several trips over to the church for the bathrooms. :) I am thinking that once Lily is out of school we may be going on  a little outing of some sort to get out of the way and have ready access to a bathroom and drinking water supply.

I will be so happy when it is all fixed though!


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