Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy Hodgepodge

To start off…

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to my family and friends! I love you all! I had a really nice day. The “kids” got me flowers. We had a really enjoyable day of not doing a huge amount of stuff and mostly just relaxing. We did have dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings…my choice. :) Joe was ecstatic!


Hannah has gotten her first official haircut. It wasn’t a lot off but it was enough. We are trying to grow out the eighteen hairs that she has on her head so we tried to keep it minimal. It was more “shaping”.



I don’t think that she was sure that it was enjoyable but she didn’t cry and seemed to really like being told over and over that she was beautiful.

The kids had a blast doing some chalk art on our front porch. It was looking a little dreary out and it ended up pouring rain when they were finished but they had a good time getting everything covered in their little artistic renditions.

















Lily enjoyed taking pictures of her artwork, Jake enjoyed taking pictures of himself, and Hannah dropped the camera. All in a days work right??


Look at that cute double chin. The only time that he has one is if he does this. He is SO skinny!


The kids keeping me company. I get bored about 20 minutes into the day so they all piled into bed with me and we watched Max and Ruby or Dora or some other wonderful life enlightening cartoon.


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