Saturday, June 5, 2010

100 Things you may not have known about the family.

We came up with this list some time ago. It includes my parents, siblings, and Joe.

1. Arrested someone

2. Ate frankfurters in Frankfurt, Germany

3. Auditioned for a survivor television show and was invited back

4. Been an Eagle Scout

5. Been attacked by a rabid dog

6. Been in a bus who was racing another bus

7. Been in the crown of the Statue of Liberty

8. Been without toilet paper for MONTHS!!!!

9. Beheaded a chicken as a small child

10. Caught fish in the Norwegian fjords

11. Climbed Mt. Whitney

12. Danced all night under the stars

13. Distributed a film to hundreds of millions of people

14. Driven a California Highway Patrol car

15. Drove down railroad tracks

16. Eaten eel, turtle, mongoose, wildcat, water buffalo, fox and rat 

17. Eaten in a Mexican restaurant in Hanoi

18. Eaten intestines

19. Entertained American ambassadors

20. Escaped to the American Embassy

21. Father was a bishop

22. Fired a machine gun

23. Flown around the world

24. Flown first-class

25. Gleaned other's gardens for food to eat

26. Got whiplash

27. Graduated from high school at the Crystal Cathedral

28. Had 200 people at my birthday party

29. Had a 100 people for a sit down Thanksgiving dinner

30. Had a burglar come in while I was sleeping

31. Had a gun pointed at me

32. Had a mouse scamper up my pregnant body on a waterbed

33. Had an elephant relieve itself whole bucketfuls on my porch

34. Had cerebral malaria

35. Had food poisoning

36. Had hepatitis

37. Had krait and cobras in the house

38. Had my knee-cap removed

39. Had rabies shots in the stomach

40. Had servants

41. Has two high school diplomas

42. Helped design a jail

43. Hiked the John Muir Trail

44. Is a great-great aunt

45. Is a great-great uncle

46. Is trilingual

47. Lived by the Ganges river

48. Lived in a mud house

49. Lived through a civil war

50. Lived through a monsoon

51. Lived under martial law

52. Moved 15 times in a year

53. Regularly eaten without silverware

54. Rode a tram in Hong Kong

55. Rode an elephant

56. Rode in a hand-drawn rickshaw

57. Repelled from a helicopter

58. Rode on a firetruck

59. Rode the canals in Amsterdam

60. Rolled a car

61. Saw Big Ben

62. Saw Niagara Falls

63. Saw Siberia

64. Saw the Grand Canyon

65. Saw the Kon-Tiki

66. Seen dead bodies floating in a river

67. Seen Mt. Kanchenjunga (third highest)

68. Seen someone gardening in the nude

69. Seen the Midnight Sun

70. Seen the Northern Lights

71. Served "bed-tea" by a British officer's servant

72. Slept under a mosquito net

73. Smuggled goods into a communist country

74. Studied: Hindi, Santali, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, and English.

75. Stung by a jelly-fish

76. Survived a lethal dose of medicine

77. Swam in the Ganges river

78. Taught in Bible schools

79. Took a week long voyage around the coast of India

80. Used banana leaves as paper plates

81. Visited Buckingham Palace

82. Visited Calcutta

83. Visited Darjeeling

84. Visited the Cambodian Killing Fields

85. Visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher 

86. Visited the Holy Land

87. Visited the longest beach in the world

88. Visited the pyramids and the sphinx

89. Visited the Roman Catacombs

90. Visited the Taj Mahal

91. Visited the Coliseum

92. Visited with Mother Teresa in her home

93. Walked 1863 miles (as the crow flies) in 4 hours

94. Was an illegal alien (for 15 min)

95. Was carjacked

96. Washed clothes with a ringer washer

97. Went to the Arctic Circle

98. Worn a sari

99. Wrote and read Braille

100. Youngest peace officer in California


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