Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ambitious Much??

So, in my constant search for something cheap and DIY I found this website.

Knock-Off Wood

I love her site and she makes everything look so easy! I have always had this deep down secret desire to learn how to do woodworking ever since I was at my Aunt Julie’s house and saw an entertainment center that she made out of the Ethan Allen Catalog. Also, all the rest of the furniture in her house!

Anyway, I digress…

Love these things!

1) This entire kitchen!

2) Love these. Adult and kid sizes!


4) For Jake and his trains. Maybe.

I could have a list of probably 20 things that I love. There are storage benches, shelving, beds, decor….everything and anything that you could possibly desire. She also takes suggestions for plans. When she gets enough people asking for things she puts up a plan. Seeing her stuff makes me want to try it out.

Another bonus…she lives in Alaska. I have enjoyed some of her non-building posts since my parents are moving there and it is nice to see pictures and hear stories of things that they MAY experience while there.


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