Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Pictures

For a really long time now I have been wanting to do some sort of a display with all of the older pictures that we have of our family. After getting most of it together I realized that the older pictures that I had were of the Dapelo/Hughes side of the family. That was quickly resolved after my parents came with their mountains of pictures. So, it is all together after much waiting. It isn’t anything spectacular or crafty…just something that I have accomplished that makes me feel good and a little daily reminder of where we come from. :) We put the shelf in our hallway because it is so enormous and we haven’t ever hung anything in there because it is just too intimidating to put anything on that giant expanse of wall without it turning into a crazy hodge podge mess.

My side of the family (grandparents and great-grandparents).


Our gorgeous parents.


Joe’s side of the family (grandparents and great-grandparents).


I also ordered two other pictures that I am thinking of hanging on the wall under the shelf but haven’t decided yet. They are classic. More to come on that front later.


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