Thursday, June 24, 2010

I love this.


Flashback to when we were little kids and my dad would “fall asleep” if we stopped rubbing his head during story time.


Hannah perusing a Pottery Barn catalog. A girl after my own heart.


It warms my heart to see my kids play together. HOWEVER! I don’t know that this qualifies. Lily dressed up Jake. Notice how they are accessorized? Lily with the yellow dress and purple lei and Jake with the purple dress and yellow lei. There is thought put into this people!


Don’t worry Hannah wasn’t left out.


Hannah insisted on napping in Jake’s bed. On the ball pillow. She made sure that all the Little Einstein stuffed toys were arranged around her perfectly, said “goodnight mommy” and closed her eyes. This is day two for napping in there. I don’t know what he thinks of losing the use of his room but hasn’t made a big deal out of it yet. He is such a good big brother. :)


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