Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shots and other things

Yesterday we took Hannah to get her shots and for the kids to get their lead tests. She did really well considering how tired she was. She had fallen asleep while we waited and I had to wake her up before she got stuck. She wasn’t completely awake when the first needle went in and 2 and 3 were no easier. She was a trooper and survived the experience. She has been acting fine today except for some soreness in the legs. Every once and awhile she will come to me holding the spots that she got stuck.

Jake and Lily got their lead tests done and survived as well. Jake was really impressive. He volunteered to go first and after the initial stick didn’t seem to be bothered by anything. Lily unfortunately had worked herself up into a big ball of fear after watching both Jake and Hannah so she was a total wreck before the stick.

We took a quick little trip to DQ afterwards for milkshakes and/or ice cream.





Joe met us at DQ for ice cream and Hannah apparently really missed him through the whole experience because she wouldn’t let him out of her sight for awhile after he got there (or sit by herself). She is a daddy’s girl for sure!

I have to share this picture! It kills me! I think that there is a picture of his father that is similar to this so I will have to see if I can get a copy of it. :)


He was a little tired so he just dropped to the floor and passed out. The nurse looked at me and asked if he was sleeping. I told her he was and her mouth was hanging open a little. Apparently most kids don’t fall asleep on the floor in the office or at the grocery store.


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