Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some fun activities.


The nightmare that has taken over my life! My parents brought all their pictures out when they came and I have been going through them trying to put them into some semblance of order. So far we have gotten through a large box, a huge plastic tote, and are now working on the worst container EVER! The barrel. It is frightening to see how they can take over so quickly without being gone through. We have been having lots of fun reliving old memories and laughing at some of the not so fine moments caught on film for all eternity!


Hannah loves the pictures a little too much so Grandma took a time out with her and looked at pictures that are in a book.


Doing school with Grandma. They were so amazed when they found out that she is a REAL teacher!


It didn’t take Grandpa long to train his grandchildren like he trained his children. They were more than happy to scratch his head in return for a story.


Playing the sandwich game. They love stealing each others cards! 






Planting and caring for the garden! They have had a blast watering everyday! I don’t know if my mother is enjoying it as much considering she is in the midst of the biggest allergy attack in 4 years but she is being a trooper. Hopefully on Friday she will get some better allergy meds. Then she can enjoy it too.  


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