Monday, July 26, 2010


The kids went to the park with Matt, Gary, and Joe met them there. They seemed to have a good time.  After lunch all of the kids seemed to be melting down so Matt and Christie loaded up and they left to go home. Lily, Joe and Jake all had VBS this evening. Hannah, Matthew and I went on a walk after dinner so that she wouldn’t be sad that she didn’t have anywhere fun to go.

My mom is leaving in the morning so she has been packing everything up all day and getting ready for that. It will be very hard to say goodbye to her. She has been here for so long that the kids won’t really know what to do without her here. She has been such a big blessing to our family! What a lifesaver!!



The rest of Sunday.

After church we raced home, changed the kids and Josh and Ruthie very kindly took pictures of them for us. As soon as I get them they will go out in the mail! I can’t wait to see them. Thank you so much you guys! We really appreciate it. After that, all the kids dove into the pool and spent the rest of the day in there.
Johnny was frantically trying to get everything all packed for his trip to Russia. We said goodbye to Josh and Ruthie and Johnny right after lunch since he had to get to the airport to catch his flight. The rest of the afternoon was just hanging out, Christie beating Matt at endless games of Speed, magic tricks galore, playing with the 4-wheeler, an almost really cool geyser of soda in the backyard and dinner at Monicals! After all of that we got to take turns looking at the pictures from Australia. I WANT TO GO! It is so beautiful there!

Baptism Day!

Uncle Johnny, Auntie Ruthie, and Uncle Josh.
Godparents and parents
Grandparents and parents
Matt and Christie with their godchildren.
Jake with his godfather.
IMG_0777 Jake with his godmother and Uncle Josh.
I have a plea.
If you have a picture of Johnny with Matthew and Lily please let me know. I somehow didn’t get it and now don’t have one.
Thank you!
  IMG_0763Here is is folks. The best Dapelo family picture from the day! I know. You are speechless!


A big Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Joe just turned 30! We had a really fun day.
Josh and Ruthie pulled in a little after 6 am. Matt, Christie, Josh, Madeline, and Lauren got here later in the afternoon.
We all had little different things going on during the day. The Wagners, Johnny and I had a game of Settlers going for awhile until lunch preparations interrupted the game. When Matt and Christie arrived the pool became the big attraction for the kids. Joe, Gary, Dan, Matt, and Jake were all participating in the building of a train table for Jake. Ruthie and Josh treated us all to some tasty mango lassi (a delish Indian drink). We had a wonderful smoked pork roast with other sides and such for dinner and then when all the kids were down we played a little Apples to Apples. It was a really nice day. We had such a nice time visiting and catching up.
IMG_0523 Settlers
IMG_0525 Just a little pencil.
IMG_5813Lauren, the mermaid.
IMG_5830 Banana going down the slide her favorite way.
IMG_5832Madeline LOVES holding babies! I think she needs another little sibling. :)
IMG_5841 Riding the 4 wheeler while waiting for a chance to help with the table.
IMG_5848 Big helper. Separate post on this later…
IMG_5876 With his Gramma.
IMG_5871 The two Matthew Dapelos.
IMG_5865The men, trying to finish dinner in the smoker in the pouring rain. Clearly they are having a little too much fun! :)

Happy Birthday Johnny!

IMG_0704 IMG_0708


Johnny turned the big 21 on Friday. Joe’s parents got into town after some unfortunate circumstances with their flight and were ready to relax a little. Dan also came into town so Joe, Dan, Gary, and Johnny all went out in the afternoon for a little guy time. We had a lovely spaghetti dinner that evening that was completed with his much requested birthday cake from yesteryear.


He had this cake for what we think was his 5th birthday. He really enjoyed picking out all the candy for it.





The kids loved getting their Australia tshirts and having more grandparents to adore.

Dinner out.





We went out to dinner Thursday night with my mom and brother.

The kids ate like ravenous wolves.

Hannah was the one who was falling asleep during dinner instead of Jake.

And we ended up with this Tabasco bottle on the table. I don’t know that I have ever seen one this big sitting on a restaurant. It was actually a little bigger than the ketchup bottle.


The girls!





Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Paper" Dolls

I have been meaning to post this for awhile and keep forgetting to take the pictures.
I found this! at Moda Bakeshop. Love it! It has been on my list of want-to-do projects for awhile now.
I wanted to give the kids a little gift when they came to the hospital the first day to see their new brother so my mom and I ran out to buy some sweet little fabrics and found too many! We may have gone a little overboard with them. I am still trying to finish all of the outfits and am feeling a little overwhelmed. We made enough for them to have a start. My intention is that the wardrobes for the dolls will be added to over time and they will get new pieces for it until they decide that they don't want to play with them any more. We have one made for each kid, including Matthew because he will want them eventually and it was easier to make him a set now than start from scratch later.
They have all named their dolls and LOVE dragging them around everywhere they go. I think that they will enjoy playing with them on the plane to California.

Those are the hospital pictures.
The girls each have a girl doll. Hannah's is blonde and Lily's is brunette. The boys each have a boy doll. Jake has a brown haired boy and Matthew's is also a blonde. They each have a bag to carry everything in and a little billfold for all the shoes. It is the best toy for them because everything is held together with velcro so even Hannah can dress and undress her doll.

Here is a small sampling of some of the clothes that we made.

Lily insisted on having a purse for her doll. I would never have made it but my mom is a sucker. So she got a purse for the doll that matches Lily's bag. Apparently that is what Grandmas are for. :)

So, there you have it. They all have names, some change more often than others. I am looking forward to the 20 minutes of peace and quiet on the plane that these will give me. Hopefully.


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