Thursday, July 1, 2010

Appropriate or Inappropriate?

Today my precious oldest angel child came running up to the back door. She had been playing outside with her siblings in her underwear. Don't get me started on that. She asks my mother if she can do that "one thing". My mom responds, "no, honey. I don't think so. You aren't all muddy today." Said child runs back out of the house.
I am totally at a loss as to what is going on so I ask my mom. Apparently there was a day when she really had to use the bathroom but was covered head to toe is mud. My mom told her to go and pee on the tree. She wanted to take off her underwear but being in the backyard and totally exposed to the world my mom said no and that that she just needed to pee in her underwear and she would rinse her off to come inside and take a shower.

Fast forward to today. 

As my mom is telling me this tale I look out the kitchen window where lo and behold Lily is smearing mud all over her body. She came to the back door COVERED from head to toe in mud and says.... you guessed it!

"I have to go potty Grandma!"

So, my mom sends her to the tree and as I am watching, unbeknownst to her, she looks around, pulls off her underwear, stands like a boy and goes to the bathroom. 

I could see her laughing to herself in glee.

Then, she looks around to make sure that no one is watching, realizes that she wasn't supposed to take off her underwear outside and...

 wait for it...

throws her underwear on the ground where she just peed, steps on it a little and then puts it back on! She ran away from the tree laughing and having the most marvelous time.

Clearly 5 is old enough to try and cover up something that you did that you know is wrong.

Now, keep in mind that I am watching the whole scenario through the window and she has no idea that I have seen all. I am trying to decide if it is so funny that I am going to keep my knowledge to myself or if I am going to address the oh so many issues with the whole situation. I am leaning toward reveling in the fact that I will most likely be printing this post for her fiancés reading enjoyment in the future. 

Once again, I love being a parent! You can't make this stuff up!


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